We're so sure you'll love our style, the first group class is FREE*!  That's right, you can come in and try a free* class.

Starting a new exercise routine can be both a little intimidating and somewhat scary if you're not sure what to do.  Put your fears to rest.  You'll be in great hands as you learn... SAFELY, how to move your body on the Reformer and feel your muscles respond to the range of motion that only a Reformer can provide.  You'll feel your abdominals tighten even when working your legs (that's core training at it's finest), giving you noticable results in just a few sessions.  Affordable packages are available after your first free* session, to ensure that you give yourself a chance to see results.  The FREE session has a charge of $ 10 (paid in advance), which will be credited back should you decide to purchase additional training sessions.  

 * Sorry, free offer does not apply to out of town visitors.  Though we would love to have out of town visitors, let's be honest...this is a marketing offer for prospective new clients and has the ability to be abused. :)  No-shows and late cancellations will count as the free session, so please be courteous.The $10 charge has become necessary due to free session "no-shows" which prevents that machine from being used by another client.


Some people prefer to have one-on-one time.  Private sessions are available to those clients who prefer to train alone, or may need additional help with certain limitations. Often times Doctor referrels require close monitoring by Physical Therapists as patients transition from rehab into their self-administered fitness treatments.  Pilates Reformer is a great transitional modality for those released from their insurance sponsored rehab, but left wondering where to go from there.  As for making your pregnancy sail smooth, both before and after child birth...It's the BEST!

Mon: 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 am, 6:00 & 7:00 pm
Wed: 9:00, 10:00 am, 6:00 & 7:00 pm
Thurs: 9:00 am, 7:00 pm
Fri: 10:00 am
​Sat: 9:30 am


Our group sessions are small and intimate.  With 8 reformers, our clients get personalized attention regardless of skill levels.

Group training is the heart of our studio.  We laugh, have fun, and through all the comradre, manage to get a great full body workout.  There's no impact (great for joints), your flexibility will increase while giving you USEABLE strength that makes you feel confident and vibrant. Group training also allows clients to manage their budgets; it's the most economical way to have a professional instructor for a fraction of the cost.

Call or text 801-915-2325 (I prefer text as I can respond faster to your requests) to reserve a class time! Sorry no drop-ins. Machines are reserved in advance; 24 hrs cancellation notice required. Class times are subject to change. Discounted passes are available, or you can pay in advance for each individual session. 
​(If you don't see a session that works for you, call me and we can discuss starting a time that fits your schedule)
Pilates By Robyn

Call or Text Today (I can respond faster to Texts), to see if Pilates Reformer training is right for you.  First group class is FREE*, what have you got to lose?  Call Robyn at 801-915-2325 


"Something new every time"