If you've ever seen the sitcom "CHEERS", you would understand my studio.   My goal is to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of your fitness levels, body fat levels, education levels, or hormonal levels.  You don't need to be a ballerina, a size 3 or any other silly expectation that society suggests...just be you and be ready for a great experience.


At the time of this picture, this darling girl was expecting her fourth baby in just a few short weeks! Cutest tummy ever award! She has continued to do Pilates Reformer through her entire pregnancy, and says it helps alleviate back pain. Thanks Emily for being a good sport and letting me post your picture:) You rock that tummy!


My beautiful friend Rebecca sent me this pic and I couldn't resist sharing. She credits Pilates Reformer for her gorgeous, toned legs! Though I would love to take credit...let's be honest...a great gene pool doesn't hurt;)

Pilates By Robyn


"Something new every time"


​"I've exercised on a very regular basis for about 35 years now. I've done everything. I started with Jane Fonda's cassette tapes, I've done aerobics, Zumba, went through my running phase for about 5 years, have cycled, hiked, worked out with The Firm workout tapes and DVDs, and of course have always maintained a membership at the gym du jour.
Earlier this year, I stumbled into Robyn's Pilates Reformer studio. I'd heard of it, but had never tried it. Well, it has literally changed my life. Not just the Pilates Reformers, but Pilates Reformer with Robyn. The workout itself is like nothing else. It works muscles I never even knew I had in ways I never even knew existed. The hour goes by in what seems to be a minute. The classes are small and intimate. Her prices are incredibly reasonable compared with other similar classes I've heard of. When I walk out, I enjoy that post-Pilates, shaky-leg, tight core, walk straight and tall righteous feeling that I don't get from any other workout. . .ever. . .I've had a lot of experience. Robyn makes it even better. She coaches without making me feel stupid, she corrects kindly, she is funny, fit and absolutely fabulous. A friend and an excellent Pilates instructor. Please try this place. Her studio is new, fresh and friendly. It's conveniently located and if not convenient, well worth the drive. I can't say enough good about it, although I've just given it the old college try. Thanks, Robyn Lombardi Misewicz. It's so nice to enjoy exercise again."


​"Robyn Lombardi Misewicz, has just finished her new website. It is amazing. I had the honor of photographing photos for her site. Robyn has a gift at instructing and teaching others how to get in shape and feel AMAZING!!!!
​ I have been attending her classes for the past few months and loving my results. She is sweet, fun, and smart. She is incredible at helping you get started and progressing you through her classes to improve and increase your strength. Try it out. You wont be disappointed. Rather than go out for a burger... put your money towards a class that makes you feel sexy!! ;) So proud of you Robyn!"


"I absolutely love Robyn’s reformer Pilates class.  She is a master at transforming bodies and maximizing the potential in people.  I am one who tends to gain muscle mass quite quickly and consequently, I have always been careful not to do any real heavy lifting or bicycle too much as my legs get too big and bulky.  Robyn’s reformer Pilates class does just the opposite.  It makes you stronger, yet leaner, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted.  I am amazed at how vital this particular exercise is for women.  I love it because I can go during my work day and not get all sweaty.  I can actually get a tremendous workout in and go back to work.

 I also enjoy the camaraderie of the intimate classes,there are only 8 machines and Robyn spends the entire hour walking around conducting the class and checking everyone’s form.  So you can always be assured you are doing the exercise correctly and getting the most out of it.  Robyn is a stickler for good form and she moves the class along at a swift pace, but when you are finished, you feel a real sense of accomplishment.  She is an awesome teacher, the space she has is beautiful, clean, happy and comfortable and if you need reassurance that the exercises work….just look at her body!!"