Meet Robyn

 My style is unconventional compared to traditional Pilates. I like to combine new exercises and techniques to change things up, and keep classes interesting and fun! It is a fantastic workout for all fitness levels. With my 20 years teaching experience, I am able to combine beginner and advanced level students in the same class, while moving each person along at their own individual pace. Semi-private sessions are small (2 People), but if you prefer private sessions, those are always an option. Come try a class to see if you like it! There is no obligation to purchase a membership or long-term commitment; just come have fun in a private, positive environment​ !

New to Pilates ?   You're about to learn just how wonderful Pilates Reformer Training can be.  Your muscles will become longer, leaner and tighter...without the added bulk that weight training can produce.

In October of 2019, I sold my studio in SLC and moved to Henderson NV.  Instead of opening another studio, I've decided to teach out of my home, for many reasons.  I love the intamacy of private and semi-private sessions.  Text me today for more information and you'll see why clients look forward to coming back for their next session. 

In 2002 when my husband and I owned two functional training studio's in Salt Lake City, I had the opportunity to become certified to teach Pilates Reformer. I instantly fell in love with Reformer training, and found I enjoyed teaching it even more.
I had lifted weights for years, but after an auto accident caused me some serious neck injuries, I was forced to pursue other forms of exercise and Pilates Reformer was perfect for my needs!
Pilates By Robyn


"Something new every time"

If you've trained on reformers before, you're likely well aware of the results, yet may have gotten bored with tradtional Pilates Reformer protocol. That's where I differ...ALTERNATIVE REFORMER TRAINING breaks up the monotony; always throwing in a new routine, and new exercises, cross-training both your mInd and your body.  Once you've tried ALTERNATIVE training, you'll be hooked!

​"Even though I'm a mother of 4 children, I feel better about my body at 55 than I did at 25.  I've always been active, but Pilates Reformer training trims and tones in ways I never thought possible. Give it a try, you might find it's just what you've been looking for."