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First class is FREE*!  That's right, you can come in and try a free class with no obligation.  Skip the membership contracts and see why more people are tuning in to Pilates for their exercise of choice.


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getting STARTED

Pilates By Robyn

Sometimes we all need a little one-on-one time to address certain challenges, limitations and concerns.  My focus is 100% on you for the time we spend together, and it may be just what the Doctor ordered.

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Our group sessions are small and intimate.  With 8 reformers, our clients get personalized attention regardless of skill levels.  Small groups are fun and allow even the tightest of budgets to create a "pilates body".


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Who says exercise has to be boring and monotonous?  Come and see why my clients have become "Raving Fans" of Alternative Reformer Training.  Each day, each workout, becomes a new experience.  Your body will love the changes, and your mind will be excited to return for the next session to discover new and fun ways to make your muscles tight, long & lean.



"Something new every time"